Jaime Meyer

Family and couple mediator and therapist with solution-focused conflict resolution and outcome driven communication techniques.

Jaime Meyer

Hi, I'm Jaime Meyer, LMSW, divorce and relationship mediator along with a family and individual therapist. I have worked in NYC Prevention Services, offering counseling to individuals, families, and groups. I am also trained in short-term crisis intervention, advocacy, and outreach. Over the years, I have worked on hundreds of cases that have helped families, couples, and individuals achieve favorable outcomes across a variety of difficult situations. My mediation education from The Center for Mediation & Training has further skilled me to quickly assess and de-escalate highly sensitive, emotional, and complicated situations.

My private practice specializes in relationship mediation and therapy. I offer my clients the prospect of resolving conflicts, as well as engaging in stable, fulfilling, and healthy relationships by understanding individual needs. In providing my clients with the right tools, I can help them establish healthy guidelines for ongoing communication and conflict mitigation.

Relationships are both rewarding and challenging and require much nurturing and care. Human instinct is to be fundamentally concerned with one's self, making conflict almost inevitable. It is not so much the issue at hand but how we react and engage with it that determines the outcome. My mission is to help my clients work through their dispute and provide them with the right tools that will prepare them to navigate future conflicts successfully.

If you, a friend, or a loved one is having individual or relationship difficulty – whether spousal, familial, or social, please reach out to arrange a free consultation.



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